"Providing quality eye care to patients in the Dallas Metroplex for over 18 years."
Hi to All!!

I signed my official contract with a new practice, Fagadau and Hawk M.D., on Aug. 16th. This group of two doctors has been in Preston Center for over 20 years and I am delighted to be joining them. They are both very kind men as well as excellent doctors/surgeons.

Here is all the information on location and parking: 

Fagadau and Hawk, M.D.
6131 Luther Ln. Suite 216
Dallas, TX 75225

office 214 987 2020
fax 214 739 3725

If I have seen you before as a patient, I hope this helps when you come for your first appointment. If it is not too much trouble, it would help me so much to have you get your old records sent to my new location. If you have a fax nearby, just call Frazee's office and ask them to fax you a medical release form. You need to sign a form and then fax it back to Frazee's office. They will then fax your records to F and H and it will be no charge since it is doctor to doctor. You are free to tell anyone you want about my exciting news. I would appreciate this so much as it will help me get off to a great start!

Thank you for all your support and loyalty over the years!


Susan Swanson, MD
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